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    ExtendScript Help - Why am I getting "prompt is not a function" error?

    JaredHess Level 1

      Hello RH friends,


      I need to search through my 2200+ topic project, find any topics that use a certain image in the source and then open up that file in the wysiwyg editor to visually see what's happening to the conditional markings on those topics. I need to open them in chunks since I've determined there are some 600+  topics that has the image I'm looking for. Seems like something a script would be able to handle. Does anyone have a script that does something like this or something similar?


      Anyway, I started messing around in the script editor with a test script to figure some of this out, but I get an error right off the bat when I try using the standard js prompt method to capture a text

      string. I have these two lines of code in my script:


      var strText = prompt ("Type a string to search for. Topics with that string will then open in the RH viewer.","i_chiclet.gif","String to Find");

      alert (strText);


      Running it directly from within the script editor, the prompt command works fine.


      However, running the script from within RH--which is what I need to do for it to work on the current project to look at, I get a message that says:

      "prompt is not a function."


      What am I missing?


      I'm using RH 9.02.271

      Windows 7 64-Bit with adminstrator access