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    Links from images broken in "W3C Compliant"

    HKabaker Level 2
      I raised a false alarm, for which I apologize.

      There is one issue that affects IE when WebHelp is generated with W3C Compliant topics. Please see a new post about that.

      There are some code differences, but they do not break links to a popup or jump to another topic in IE 6, IE 7, or Firefox (released yesterday).

      Again, if anyone wasted time trying to verify broken links, I am truly sorry.

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          Linux Rules Level 2
          Hello Harvey -

          Testing your initial post wasn't a waste of time...in fact I learned a VERY IMPORTANT LESSON about RH, IE, Firefox, Opera and image/hyperlink screen tips.

          I learned that IE6 "screen tip on hover" reads the RH "Image screen tip" entry but FF and Opera read the RH "Hyperlink screen tip" entry.

          THUS: to make IE and FF/Opera screen tips "appear" the same, one must enter the SAME screen tip into BOTH the Image Screen Tip text box and the Hyperlink Screen Tip text box!

          (Now, how long will it take me to check 3,000 images and hyperlinks in my current project?)