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    Javascript code disapear, but still works :s




      I have some troubles with a PDF I'm working on.


      A piece of JavaScript code I've add to hide or show a picture on the form, depending on the value of a field, has disapeared!

      It's not the first time some code disapear (from the validate tab, most of the time...)


      It was under the format tab of the field (a listbox field) and was usuing the event.changeEx property.


      What surprises me even more is that it still works! the pictures keep changing when I change the value of the field. I'd like to change the code since sometime the pictures will go back to hidden status sometime, but, of course, I can't...


      I tried to restart acrobat, restart the computer, try it from another computer, it's still the same!

      I've tried to find the code by searching for the name of the pictures, it shows nothing either...


      What can I do? Where is my code?





      workspace : win XP / Mac OS X

      Acrobat pro 9.5