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    Supplying a .folio to magazines (publishers).

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      I am supplying an advert to Wired magazine (and a couple of others). I've been told to supply the .folio file.


      The only experience I have had is uploading folios and viewing them from the Adove Viewer on the iPad. Can someone tell me how I make a .folio file that I can supply to the publications?



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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          Does the advert include interactivity? If not, you should be able to create 1024x768 and 768x1024 JPG images and send those to the publisher. If the advert include interactivity, you can use the DPS tools in InDesign to create a folio with the article. You then share that folio with the publisher. The publisher can then copy the advert article into their publication folio.


          I’m not sure how familiar you are with InDesign or DPS, but here’s a starting point:


          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/digitalpubsuite/using/WS67cb9e293e2f1f60174dc2eb12f2ca67c28-80 00.html

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            Hey there. I can tell you from a Art DIrectors perspective that Bob is absolutley correct. Take a little time to learn DPS and youll see how easy it is to make awesome ads and shoot them off to publishers. 


            We accept ads in 2 different ways.


            1. We really really really want you to send us a PDF of your ad as long as there is no interactivity. With the new iPad, you sending us a PDF out of inDesign keeps the text live and looks fantastic on all devices. You can also make links to the web directly in indesgin if your ad requires simple web links. Then just package the ad and send it as a .zip.


            2. Full blown interactive ads need to be built with inDesign and DPS's toolset, which you can get for free. You could also build it as HTML. Once your ad is built PACKAGE IT. Zip it and send it along.


            I cant tell you how easy it is to put in client ads that are build correctly into a book. I just point ot your folder and load it in.

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              ellipsis81_uk Level 1

              Thanks guys. I've been using InDesign for around 10 years and I've been using DPS for the last 7 months. I'm producing numerous magazines and brochures already. The ad I have is complex HTML linked through InDesign...


              I was just thrown off by a publisher asking me to supply the folio file. Maybe they've worded it wrong.


              I presume sharing is the only way to supply an ad like that then? Apart from supplying the InDesign doc and linked assets...



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                Lukeymonster Level 1

                Ok awesome. We also call them folio files in our sales materials. All that means for us is a packaged indesign file. I would prefer your second option. Package all that up including the html assets and then all the publisher has to do is unzip it and load it into the book. Donezo