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    Trouble with mergin data...


      I've posted this question somewhere else here, but can't find it now...


      Good morning, and thanks for being here to help.  A few months ago I made an employee directory in InDesign.  I used data merge and an Excel spreadsheet to hold the data.  The merge went perfectly and I don’t believe anything since then has been changed on the spreadsheet or location of the photo files. Here’s my problem: I’m about to edit the spreadsheet by adding the names and photos of new employees.  I haven’t added the names yet. I did a trial run to see if what I have already will merge correctly. Everything merges except the photos. Last time, I had a problem with getting the photos to merge. Apparently the path was too long, so I moved the photos to a new folder and the file names look like this: C:\Photos\smithjohn.psd


      In the spreadsheet, the title on the column above the photo files is this: @photos.


      Any ideas?

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In the spreadsheet, rename that column as  '@photos

          the apostrophe keeps excel from seeing the @ as an operator.


          If you are still having trouble, try using just the photo names in the spreadsheet, and move the data source file into the same folder with the images.