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    font replacement question

    doccojohn Level 1

      I want to use the Courier font, since my client's FM-created book uses it. I specify 'remember missing font names'

      in preferences, and FM happily substitutes Courier New. I expect to have the missing Courier replace Courier New

      when I build the book on my client' system.


      However, FM won't create a TOC because of unavilable fonts in some of the chapter files.

      I understand that Courier does not appear in the font list, and that Adobe no longer sells ATM.

      I am using an XP system, so ATM Light might help. Or might not.


      So, if were to replace the unavailable fonts (using the font pod as described in the FM10 helpfile on p. 46),

      what happens then? Are those formerly-Courier fonts still remembered as Courier  when I move the book

      back to the system that created it? Or is this a one-way change that requires manual tracking of changes

      so that I can later change them back?





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          Harry28586 Level 1

          Hi JP,


          I think what you might can do is,you can goto google and download the required font and then install the required font in the "fonts" folder folder of windows(font folder is in windows folder of the system,you can easily get into the fonts folder just by typing the word  fonts in the "run" command ).

          Once the required font is installed in the "Fonts" folder,you can apply it on the Framemaker document by selecting the document and going to Format-->font and then use the Courier font and generate the PDF and see if it creates the TOC properly or not.




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            Mike Wickham Level 4

            Don't install ATM or ATM Lite on XP. You don't need them, and

            uninstalling causes a bug that will break PostScript in XP. (There is an

            atmfix file somewhere online that can repair, if that happens.)


            "Remember Missing Fonts" makes a temporary font substitution, so that

            you can work on a file when you don't have the font. When you send the

            file back to the client, FM "remembers," i.e. never forgot, the original

            font and uses it. There is a font substitutions setting in maker.ini

            that specifies which font will be substituted when the font is missing.

            I believe Courier to Courier New is a default substitution already

            listed inside maker.ini. You can change it to whatever you want.


            Replacing fonts in the Fonts pod makes a permanent substitution of the

            fonts with the one you specify.


            You may want to either purchase a copy of the Courier font or look to

            see if you have one to install. Courier is one of the base PostScript

            fonts that comes with every PostScript printer, and can usually be found

            on the installation disk for installing manually.

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              doccojohn Level 1

              Thanks to both of you. I'm not sure what I'll do, since: 1) the price of the Courier font is on the high side of outrageous and

              2) I suppose I could re-install windows but my Dell disk is SP2, and I would much prefer a poke in the eye with a

              sharp stick to re-installing Windows.


              I can always hope my client won't care; the difference between the two font is pretty subtle.


              In any case, I have a much better idea of what's going on now. And Mike Wickham's info about

              font replacement in a pod has probably saved me from digging myself a deep hole.


              So thanks again to both of you.





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                Harry28586 Level 1

                Hi JP,


                As far as i know,if you have good searching skills on google or on internet,you can find that font free of cost or you can buy Adobe font package i beleive,but i am not sure if we have the required font in that package.

                What you also can do is,if some other computer has that font,you can get the font from the other computer and paste it in your computer and that will work.

                Try that out.




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                  Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                  There is a very simple and legal way of obtaining the Adobe Courier fonts.


                  If you own any printer with Adobe PostScript, dating back many years, the printer should have come with a disk with host fonts which provide the Type 1 fonts matching those resident in the printer including real Helvetica, Times, Courier, Symbol, Palatino, etc. for use on your host computer system.


                  Get that disk, install the fonts, and your problems are over.


                  To reiterate what others have said, do not under any circumstance install ATM. Adobe Type Manager is a very long-discontinued product that is totally unnecessary with any reasonably modern version of Windows, doesn't work at all with any 64-bit version of Windows or any version of Windows beginning with Vista. It may install, but could wreck the ability of your system to properly and natively handle Type 1 fonts.


                            - Dov

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                    doccojohn Level 1

                    Thanks all. And apologies for not marking this thread a 'correct'  rather than 'helpful.' It's a very pleasant

                    suprise to see this much support from knowledgeable users, and I don't want to impose on this group

                    any more than I have to.


                    I've requested the font from my client, so things may work out that way. Or I can look further for a free

                    courier font, so I consider my problem fixed.


                    The advice about getting the font from a PS printer is also good and I thought about doing that before I

                    even posted this query. Alas, my 2-computer-old HP printer was installed over the web and I never had

                    an installation disk.