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    Audio Player SkinMaker script

    Adi Ravid Adobe Employee

      Lately, I've been working on a demo for a new digital media distribution with DPS and found out how tedious it is to generate the skin PNGs for an audio file from Ai.

      So... I wrote a little script that does it for me.

      Then I thought "why not share it with others..."

      So here's a link to my DPS Audio Player SkinMaker script.


      To install it, copy the JSX file to the Scripts folder of Ai.

      It's compatible with Ai CS3 or later (Mac and PC).


      To use it, the following building guidelines must be kept:

      1. Place the Play and Pause art in separate layers and name those layers so you'll be able to identify them for the script.

      2. Group the progress bar objects and name the group so you'll be able to identify it for the script.


      For example, see in the sample player file.