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    ADE crashes connecting Nook reader


      Hi all,

      I installed ADE on win 7 64bit. I installed 1.7 and then 1.8.2, trying to fix a problem.

      The problem is that when I connect my NOOK by the usb plug, ADE crashes. End of the story.

      I used two different pc's and two different NOOK readers, and ADE always crashes.

      When crashing, ADE does not say anything, of course, so I cannot do anything.



      Note: I tried to run ADE explcitly as administrator. No way. Crash.


      Thanks all for helping.



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          Let's review a couple of things that might have something to do with the



          Have you registered the Nook with B&N, using your ADE ID?


          Have you done an update to the Nook from the B&N website?


          Have you registered your copy of ADE with Adobe, using your Adobe ID?


          Have you connected the Nook first, before you open ADE, and made sure that

          Win 7 recognizes the device?



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            I am having the exact same problem. I initially tried installing and running ADE on an HP Inspiron laptop with Windows 7. After 2 weeks of frustration and 5 hours of Geek Squad remote access, I was told that there was something fundamentally wrong with my laptop... take it back and exchange it for one that works. I did as suggested and got another HP. Same problem. Talked to Geek Squad again and they said must be an HP problem... try a different brand. Have now tried on a Lenovo running Windows 7 and, shock and surprise... same exact problem.I tried changing the firewall settings that someone else on one of the forums recommended, but I still can't get it to work. I uninstalled/reinstalled ADE, I deleted the adobe file on my Nook, I've tried everything. HELP!!!!