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    shockwave and importfileinto

      This problem is similar to one posted as 'importFileInto and shockwave'. I preloadNetThing to get two images, display them while downloading the next two images. Then I display the second two images. This goes on for an eternity. At least it's supposed to. It works fine as a projector, it works fine as shockwave opened locally, it does not work at all when displayed on our testing server or production server. It simply switches back and forth between the two initial sets of images. You can see this at www.remaxproformance.com/featured.htm

      I have tried forcing the stage to update, the correct xtras are marked for inclusion in the shockwave file (JPG Agent and MIX). I am at my wits end on this one. Does anyone have any other ideas.

      I am using Director 10.1 and have tried MSIE 6 and Opera with the same results.

      I have attached the handler code where the preloaded objects are imported into the cast members.

      Thanks in advance,

      Keith Bobick, BeekerSoft