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    Replace Loaded SWF

      I am new at writing code and need help writing this script. I have listeners in the main timeline to load a SWF in a container in the main timeline when a button on that timeline is pressed. In one of the loaded SWFs, I have a hyperlink where I want to load another SWF in the container in the main timeline in lieu of this SWF (replace this SWF with another.) I can't seem to get this to work and would appreciate help writing the AS and direction as to where to place it.
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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          by using _parent you can load the new swf into the same container. the amount of _parent used will depend on the path from you button to the main timeline.
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            JLgraphicFX Level 1
            I'm still at a loss at creating the AS. The code below is on the main timeline for the button to load the SWF (rsw-03-coExpert.swf). There's text in that SWF that I want to function as a hyperlink (btn_providers) so that this SWF will be replaced by another (rsw-08-knowPen.swf). I guess I would place a listener in the timeline of rsw-03-coExpert.swf for the button. But where and how do I instruct the replacement of the SWF? And, do I need to add something in the main timeline as well as the timeline for this SWF?