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    Anchored Object Marker Occupying Space

    Ken Krugh Level 1

      This is as much an OpenType font development question as an InDesign question but I'm wondering if anyone has seen anything like this.


      We developed an OpenType font that contains a contextual alternate feature that substitutes the space for a larger space when the Greek language is active and when a space falls between two Greek characters.


      However, InDesign is getting confused somehow when an anchored object is in the text. The alternate doesn't get used when the anchored object marker is at the start of a Greek word, which I understand because there is something interrupting the Greek character, space, Greek character string. However, if I move the anchor marker between to Greek letters it adds some space between those two letters, like InDesign is doing some sort of substitution. Turning OFF the Contextual Alternates OT feature on the anchored object marker makes the marker NOT take up space between the two characters.


      I guess my question would be: Has anyone seen a scenario where the anchored object marker actually occupys space in the line?


      If any font gurus want to chime in on the font side of things, feel free!


      Many thanks,