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    Invalid command 'PHDSOutputProtection'


      Hello All,

      I'm new to FMS, and I'm working through tutorials and examples for the 4.5 version.


      In trying to follow the directions to set up PHDS, this page says to set the PHDSOutputProtection value in httpd.conf to Required. However, the FMSHttpd service won't start unless I have the PHDSOutputProtection line commented out. Checking the Event Viewer, I see this error:


      Event Type:Error
      Event Source:Apache Service
      Event Category:None
      Event ID:3299


      The Apache service named  reported the following error:

      >>> Invalid command 'PHDSOutputProtection', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration .


      I assume with PHDSOutputProtection commented out that it is defaulting to None. How can I set this value and get around this error?



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          Amit Kumar Adobe Employee

          Yes you are right when you comment it out by default it is set to "None" and also when you change it some other value httpd service should start fine. You just need to comment out two lines and add one line for "PHDSOutputProtection". It should like as below:

          <Location /hds-vod>
              HttpStreamingJITPEnabled true
              HttpStreamingContentPath "../webroot/vod"
              HttpStreamingJITConfAllowed true
              JitFmsDirPath ".."
              Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks

          # Uncomment the following directives to enable encryption
          # for this location.
             EncryptionScope server
             ProtectionScheme phds
             PHDSOutputProtection Required


          In this case it uses following policy file : "<FMS_install_dir>\phds\static\phds-OPRequired.pol".