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    Scrollable content's last position

    Branislav Milic Level 1

      I have created a kind of mosaic of buttons and made a scrollable content with customized position with H & V scrolling.


      When I tap u button I reach the linked page.

      But when I go back to the menu, the position of the scrollable content is not the one when I taped but the one when I acces the page for the first time with the default position of the scrollable content.

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          Franck Payen MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hi branislav. I don't wanna say something wrong, but it seems to me that if you change page (/indesign document) while navigating, you sort of "reset" the elements on the page.

          If you only slide down your document, then the states stay where they were.


          For sure it's true for video, well it seems to be true for scrollable content (i checked with the frida kahlo page on Johannes "DoneMag.cc").

          I guess it has to do with memory management when you leave the pages.


          And i suppose this has to go to feature modification requests.

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            Branislav Milic Level 1

            Indeed, I have changed my pages' structure and what was before a unique article is now divided into multiple articles.