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    Numbers Inversion


      Hello everyone,

      I'm currently working on a document in Arabic that contains a lot of numbers. There's no problem with these numbers when they are one-digit numbers only.
      However, the problem occurs when a number consists of more than one digit, where it becomes inverted automatically!
      For example, if I type the number 24 (twenty-four), InDesign displays it as 42 (forty-two).
      I guess that this problem has to do with the paragraph styles or character styles, although I've set the following settings in the paragraph styles:

      Advanced Character Format --> Language: Arabic

      Middle East Character Format --> Digits: Arabic, Character Direction: Right To Left

      Indents and Spacing --> Paragraph Direction: Right To Left

      Also, I've tried changing the font type. Nevertheless, nothing changed!

      Could anyone guide me?

      Thank you

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          I'm not a user of InDesign ME - I use World Tools instead, so I may not be familiar with the menus you are using. But your "Middle East Character Format" should have "Character Direction: Default" because the Paragraph Direction should be Right to Left for Arabic, but numerals should flow left-to-right. It sounds like you have applied an overt right-to-left character direction to the entire paragraph, which is incorrect. If you can roll back to "default" for the character-level setting, then simply having a RTL text flow for the paragraph direction + a specification of Arabic for the language, then you should be okay.

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            AmeenAXCF Level 1

            Thank you so much for your help. I don't know why it hadn't come to my mind that I had to try this.

            Thanks a lot.

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              AmeenAXCF Level 1

              Now the answer has helped me. Nevertheless, now if you type a number followed by a dash, the dash will be displayed before that number!

              For example, if you type "1- bla bla bla...", it will be displayed as "-1 bla bla bla..."!

              Any tip?

              Thank you.

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                Joel Cherney Level 5

                Hm... depends on what you want. Are you typing with an Arabic keyboard turned on? Or a Latin-script keyboard? If you need to key in, say, a phone number, I would make a character style with LTR text flow and apply that to the whole number. If you are keying in a range in Arabic ("There are 10-20 different ways to get what you want") then the hyphen is in fact pointing in the correct direction.  The Arabic would look like ths:


                tnaw uoy wahw teg ot syaw tnereffid 20-10 era erehT


                So, while an individual number is LTR, the dashes are RTL. Does this make sense?