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    Form Not Found

    Mike Drake

      I created a form and distributed it to people to complete and submit.  The people who received the notification email followed the link to the form but then receive the following error message: "Network resource not found."  What do I need to do to make the form accessible?

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          George_Johnson Legend

          Exactly how did you distribute the form? Possibilities include Acrobat.com, email, web server, flash drive, network drive, etc.

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            Mike Drake Newcomer

            Acrobat.com with notification sent out via an email directing people to the form through a link.

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              Mike Drake Newcomer

              Oops - I need to clarify.  When you try to access the file following the link in the email, the message you receive is: "The document can't be found, or you don't have access to it."  When I go into Adobe Acrobat Pro and open "Track," in the Tracker window under "Server Status" there is a yellow warning triangle followed by "Acrobat.com"  WHen you place the mouse over "Acrobat.com" the following message pops up: "Some workflows are in error."  When you click on "Acrobat.com" (this is in the left pane of the "Tracker" window, that is where a box shows up saying: Status - the yellow triangle; File Name - Parent_Survey_distributed.pdf; Type - Form; Error - Network resource not found.

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                George_Johnson Legend

                Unfortunately, that's the hardest option to diagnose since you have no control over the server. But either the file never got transferred or there's a problem (like a temporary outage) on the server-side. You could try re-distributing to see if it makes a difference.