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    What is normal debugging cycle for addmenuitem?




      I'm debugging some code attached to menu items.  Is there a way to re-run modified *.js code without having to exit/reload Acrobat for each test iteration?


      It's my understanding that the only way to load scripts into Acrobat is when it loads the scripts from the default location


      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\Acrobat\Javascripts


      As a result, each change I make to the addmenuitem exec code requires that I unload Acrobat and reload it to get it to pick up the modified code. 


      Is there another way to speed up this debugging cycle?


      Thank you in advance.


      -- Roy Zider

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          Lev Ger Level 1

          What I do when I am working on an Acrobat script that I am going to attach to a menu item is run the body of the script (without the part that attaches it to a menu item or a button) in Acrobat's debugger. Just go into acrobat and hit apple + J on a Mac (and probably something similar on a PC) and copy and paste your script into the main area of the debugger, select the whole script and hit the enter key (the one by the num pad not the regular enter key) and your script will run, if you get any errors they will be output below your code in the same window. Also if you want to log some part of your scrpt you can use "console.println(<<your stuff>>);




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            try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            I do that as well. The problem with that is that the console has a higher trust-level than a document-level script, so you get some things running in the console, but then have to mess around with creating trusted functions so they would work in your final script.

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              FUBARinSFO Level 1

              OK -- I'll try that as well.  Seems pretty crude to me, but on the other hand I haven't taken the time to investigate using a proper debugging environment (assuming there is one).


              Thanks to both of you.