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    black source screen when moving project from macbook pro to mac pro with blackmagic decklink card


      Hi all,

      I have a very strange problem. I have been editing newly shot footage on my macbook pro (premiere 5.5) during a trip. When getting back home i wanted to continue the project on my desktop, a mac pro and copied all the files and reconnected the media files in the project and ready to continue i thought. However i cannot see the single clips anymore in the source screen. The timeline is visible however so when i open a clip in te source screen i see black but when i than move it into the timeline i can suddenly see it. Stange thing is also that when i start a new project in premiere and i newly load the clips the same problem occurs. All the footage i loaded previously on my laptop into premiere is no longer viewable on my desktop premiere. On the desktop a blackmagic card is installed. Could somebody please help me out?? Thanks!