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    New stroke options for the layer style "Stroke"




      The new stroke options are fantastic where you can edit gaps, align and corners. And I love the ability to add layer styles to groups which makes it much easier to work with separate parts in a group that should be treated as a common object.


      BUT! Why haven't you updated the stroke (layer style) options to include these new awesome stroke features? I would love to be able to make dashed strokes as a layer style that can be applied to groups, and I don't see why this should be excluded as an option.


      Thanks for an otherwise great application!


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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          We are happy that you like the new features in CS6.   You can request new features from your ideas here: http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family  and people can vote on them.


          Note: A shape layer stroke is a vector-based stroke and is applied only to shape layers. This is very different from the layer syle stroke.


          You can control the settings for this stroke in the options bar for the vector tools (Shape, Pen, Path Selection, Direct Selection). This stroke is an attribute of the shape layer and will not cause the fx icon to display on the layer in the Layers panel.


          A layer style stroke is a pixel-based stroke and can be applied to any layer that accepts layer styles (including shape layers). The settings for this stroke are controlled via the Layer Styles dialog.



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            The layer style stroke effect and the vector strokes are completely different beasts.

            The layer style stroke effect is just a filter run on the pixels of your layer - it can't do dots, dashes, square corners, etc.