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    Camera Raw 6.6 Update Fails With Windows 7 64


      I am running CS5.5 unders Windows 7 on a 64 bit machine.  I have a brand new install of Creative Suite Standard 5.5.  Two related problems: 1) When I use HELP>UPDATE I get a message that no updates are available but I know my Camera Raw is out of date. I can see that I am running Camera Raw and I know that 6.6 is available (I need the new cameras supported in 6.6).


      When I download and run the Camera Raw 6.6 update manually, I get an error meassage:


      "Some updates failed to install.


      Photoshop Camera Raw 6.6 Update. Installation failed. Error Code: U44M2P7"


      I see that at least one other perosn had this same problem but there is no resolution specified.


      Some additonal information:  When I manually download and run Camera Raw 6.5, it updates fine.  Then when I try to run Camera Raw 6.6, the install backs up to 6.0!  I am verifying that the 6.6 did not actually install by looking at HELP>ABOUT PLUG IN>CAMERA RAW.


      I am also running LR4 and have some files in my database that require the new Camera Raw 6.6 (a new Sony Nex-7 Camera).  I am also running Photoshop Ellements 10 and have successfully updated that to Camera Raw 6.6. No problem. 


      What is the deal here?  I'm at a loss and not sure where else to go on this issue.


      Thanks in advance for any help.