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    Pen pressure randomly drops out in Photoshop


      I am using an Intuos4 tablet and the pen pressure randomly stops working in photoshop (cs5.5).


      Had a bamboo before and the same thing happened there. I have the latest driver installed (tried with older as well), tried different usb ports and different usb wire.

      Sometimes it works only a few seconds sometimes 5-10min (never more though) before the pen pressure stops working. And when it does it just stops working, I get the warning triangle in the brush window, then randomly it comes back for a few strokes before it stops wokring again.


      I'm on a pc. I've tried using photoshop cs1 and also photoshop 7. The same thing happens there.


      The problem didnt start untill I plugged in my old bamboo into the same computer after having installed the drivers etc for the intuos4.

      Ive also tried switching the tip of the pen.


      Nothing works. What can I do?