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    11.3 beta 2

    boe323 Level 1

      Hi, if anyones got the beta installed, 11.3 beta 1 or 2 , can they go over to dopehood.com and see if there cpu hits 100% load, although i dont think its the flashplayer, it happens on firefox, and chrome(11.2 version of flash in chrome) and ie9, can someone confirm this please, i think its the actual website, but, ive not been on this site untill now with 11.3 or 11.2, so i cant say for sure, used to work ok with releases prior to 11.2, or rather i can say that i never had this problem when i had the prior release to 11.2 installed, so if it is the flash player then 11.2 and 11.3 are causing 100% load on this website, please say im wrong Chris or any other person from ADOBE. This is the only site its ever happened to me, but before i used to go on this site i was ok, normal load, the site owner could of screwed something up which is what im hoping for.