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    authorization issue with iPad2


      Wgen trying to authorize my iPad 2 as a device i =et the following message - "This account has ben activated too many times"



      PLease help

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          I just ran into this today.  Go to http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/supportinfo/ and when a chat representative is available choose to set up a chat - fill in the info and the rep will reset your account to free up activations.  Didn't take long at all, and the rep will wait to be sure the activation works for you.  Now I know to deactivate devices before I sell or give them away. 

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            Let's start with the fact that iPads are not supported by ADE.  You're

            probably running some other software, such as Overdrive.  If it is

            Overdrive, there is a bug in the last update that causes multiple

            authorizations of ADE during downloads.  You can call Adobe's technical

            support folks and tell them that you need a reset, but if you continue to

            use Overdrive with the bug, the situation will continue to happen.  Not fun.


            There are a couple of ways around this.  The most direct is to put the

            ebook somewhere on your hard drive and use iTunes to transfer it to your



            Hope this helps!


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              andre300louw Level 1

              Nope, i have contacted their call centre, but no answer after 20 min of holding.


              I am not running overdrive. Chatted to one of their online agents and after a whole lot of question he told me that i must phone Adobe. So thanks for the advice folks, but with service as **** as this i need a miracle.


              I cant remeber when last, if ever, i had this much trouble sorting a problem out. I hope someone from Adobe sees this post and comes to my rescue.


              The eBook i am trying to read is DRM so i cant do it like you suggested i have to download it through the website i bought it.


              But thanks anyone.

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                I would translate your exchange with the source of your ebook to say that

                they have a process in place that uses Digital Editions for their

                DRM-protected content, and that they don't support alternative methods.

                Apple has its own methods of handling DRM content, and so does Amazon.

                Perhaps there's another source for your ebook that is more compatible with

                the Apple world?  I don't know, but I see most ebooks for sale in multiple

                sites.  In any case, if you paid money to this source, I'd get it back.