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    Change Links Panel Edit With Option in Lion for Illustrator EPS Files?

    bernst@fastline.com Level 1

      We are upgrading from Leopard/CS4 to Lion/CS5. In our old Leopard OS we could set Illustrator eps files to open with Illustrator and PhotoShop eps files to open with Photoshop via the Get Info/Change All feature. Since upgrading to Lion it looks like we can no longer do that? If I change it for an Illustrator eps, when I go to change a PhotoShop eps it changes it back so all the Illustrator files open in PhotoShop. I realize that the recommeded option for saving Illustrator files now is as .ai files, but we have 17 years worth of customer Illustrator logos on file that are all in .eps format. Is there anyway to force the system to recognize them as such so that when we use the Edit With feature in the Links panel we can open them in the correct program?