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    Round corners not symmetrical

    Printer_Rick Level 4

      I have noticed a problem with the round corner feature and would like to verify that others get the same result.


      1. Draw a rectangle 2" x 2" and give it a red fill.


      2. Apply .25" round corner radius to all four corners.


      3. Copy and paste in place and recolor the copy green.


      4. Now flip the copy on the vertical axis.


      Zooming in it is apparent that the corners don't line up correctly.


      The same problem occurs with different size rectangles and different radius values. A flip on the horizontal axis also reproduces the issue. Export to PDF and the error is still apparent in the PDF.


      I decided to do the same reflect test in Illustrator, but the corners there are symmetrical. Also worth noting – if you place an AI file with a rounded corner rectangle, and draw a round corner rectangle on top of it in InDesign using the same specs, the shapes don't quite match.


      If others see this issue then at least they are aware of the problem. Maybe I'll fill out a bug report.