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    Premiere CS5 unable to handle .AIF ? Sync issues


      Hi - Seeing as Premiere seems to utterly fail at handling .aif audio converted using Adobe Media Encoder, could your perhaps suggest an audio format that Premiere is capable of using for music?


      I've just spent the past couple of hours converting music tracks to .aif and syncing them up, frame perfectly to a fast pace edit. I saved the project, closed it, re-opened it. The edit points had been pushed out of sync by a few frames (enough to be noticed). After messing around, re-syncing these tracks. I hit 'render' only to have the music tracks suddenly playing back as if they're corrupt? (within the track  it just randomly jumps and skips around to different points in the track and repeating certain parts.) I tried clearing the cache etc but I'm having the same problem, I've checked the files in finder and they playback perfectly everywhere else.


      You know - just as a point of interest. Being able to maintain edit points and being able to read your own file formats is usually a pre-requisite for editing applications. I've been searching the internet for this problem, alot of people seem to have been experincing the same problem since CS3 but no solutions have been presented. This is a pretty disappointing result from a company trying to become market leaders in this kind of software - especially as it's been ignored for at least a few years.


      I'm now behind on a deadline as a result of this.