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    How good it is using LiveCycle user to store documents instead of Content Management?

    kc_chaitu Level 2



      We have no Content Management software in place.


        We have several long-lived processes running in Adobe LC 8.2. Examples like Employee feedback, New employement and Offerletters.

      They were developed in such a way that after all approvals done, in the final step, we are assigning them to a user named Repository or HRdata using Assign Task.

      So, if the admin team (authorized members are given username and password) wants to access the archive forms, they login to workspace and they see 10,000 items in TODO list (forms reside here in final step). This way, we got around 50,000 items in TODO lists for Repository user.


      My Concerns:


      1. LiveCycle is growing heavy in terms of GDS (already our GDS is over 160 gigs in size) because these 50,000 long-lived-processes are in RUNNING state, eventhough their workflow process is technically    complete. It may grow in thousands in coming months as we have many new process instances every day.


      Will the above approach do cause any problems in future?


      Your direction on this is highly appreciated.