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    Exporting best quality for DVD


      I shot video with a Canon 5d Mk2. 1080p 30 frames, 48k.  Looks awesome in Premiere!  But when I export the video to Encore i use the Mpeg-2 DVD preset, and it just kills the quality.  I have to burn to standard DVDs because my clients need them that way, so Blu ray isn't an option.

      I understand it has to compress everything, but i would like to know how to get the best quality possible.  It needs to look better! I am using CS5

      Please Help!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Do you realize that you are going from 1920 x 1080 resolution to 720 x 480, so all you are left with is 17% of the original resolution?

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            all.poetic.audio@gmail.co Level 1

            ya im aware of that, i guess i just want to know how to get the best possible quality out of that.

            Are there any tricks i can use other than just using Mpeg2 dvd preset and bumping the quality up to 5

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              Bill Engeler Level 2

              You might get a slightly better result by dynamic-linking from Encore to the Premiere sequence.  Encore will calculate the best bitrate.  It's pretty good.  If you want better, you have to use another program to resize and reencode.  You will find A LOT of info on this by searching for it on this forum - it's a popular topic.


              That said, any improvements in quality will not be dramatic.  In the past, the quality was poor using just Adobe tools, but now it's pretty good. Encourage your clients to use an upscaling DVD player.


              Another thing, if you are exporting exclusively to DVD, you might experiment with adding sharpening, increasing saturation, crushing blacks, etc.  Experiment and see if these things work to improve the DVD version of your footage.

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                I might have a similar problem.

                I have a product DVD that I made back in CS4 times. I've updated my system over the years and the quality has never been an issue.

                Now I've updated to CS6 and my PremierePro DynamicLink > Send to Encore standard work process creates really poor quality video. All sharp edges and text are jagged.

                What is new is the PC I'm working on. 64-bit Quad PC. I've updated the NVIDIA Quadro 4000 video card drivers.

                Any help out there?

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The first, obvious question is... what is your workflow... what video are you editing?


                  More information needed for someone to help... click these links and provided the

                  requested information

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                    DeanFord1 Level 1


                    Thanks for your response. The issue seems so simple since I've followed steps described on Lynda.com back when I was using CS4.

                    I'm now using CS6.01. I created this video in CS4 and updated it in CS5. PS, AE, and Pr

                    I've installed all of the updates to CS6. To newest  QuickTime and to the Video Card

                    My PC is running Windows 7 Ent.; 64-bit Xeon CPU Quad 2.8GHz

                    And I'm not running other software.

                    The source footage is a sequenced .tiff animation I rendered out of AE.


                    I've made a video a few years back. A copy is here on YouTube: http://youtu.be/lAh70G_AOFE.

                    I'm not editing the video. I just get requests to have a DVD of the original source to play in our tradeshows. Sharp copy/product edges. It looks great in Premiere and I've set on paper my standard work from Lynda.com (Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training - Chapter 16).

                    I select the Sequence in Premiere Pro and select File / Adobe Dynamic Link / Send to Encore. Then set the Project and Build settings.

                    But as you can see below the file exported to Encore didn't transcode (?) properly


                    BEFORE Screen in Premiere:

                    NEW: I can see now that the Video in the timeline has the jags

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Jeff Bellune has a good TUTORIAL for going from HD to SD with ultimate quality. That might be helpful for your purposes.


                      Good luck,