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    SpryMenu.js error

    prsnrs Community Member

      The final exam in my webdesign course consists of creating a website and hosting it.

      In Dreamweaver CS5.5 the site opens as constructed in Live View and Preview/Debug in Browser.

      When I try to open the site (www.nancyshalenphotography.com) in Firefox, I get the following error message:

           SpryMenu.js requires SpryWidget.js!

           SpryMenuBarKeyNavigationPlugin.js requires SpryMenu.js!

      I edited the code at bluehost.com with the same Dreamweaver code that works perfectly in LiveView and Preview?Debug. I still get the same messages.

      How can I fix this problem?


      Again, the hosted site is www.nancyshalenphotography.com. It is hosted with bluehost (www.bluehost.com).