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    Why Trouble opening books on Pandigital Suddenly


      Yesterday, I could download and read library books from ADE to my pandigital ereader with no trouble - today it seems to download fine but when I go to open them I get the following error message:

      "As this is an Adobe DRM protected book you will need to import this book with ADE to open this book.  E_Adept_Core_User_Not_Activated urn:uuld:37616533-6cd9-402f-9904-47677a7a3463,"

      I checked on my Adobe Digital Editions and it sure enough said it was registered to me with correct email. 


      In fact, I get this message even on the "freeware" books that have been on my Pandigital for months, ie, my Bible, and some classics that I have or intend to read that I just like and could previously open and close at will with never any problems before.


      Please Help!


      Frustrated but Hopeful in NC