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    Can't type (search) PANTONE+ numbers in InDesign CS5 7.0.4 Color Books


      There is a glaring issue in trying to select Pantone+ colors by typing in the color number, like 97-8 (from the CMYK Pantone+ book) yields 17-1?! I have no idea why that comes up. And the panel is almost unusable due to this inexcusable oversight. It needs to be searchable by exact Pantone+ number. JUST LIKE REGULAR PANTONE NUMBERS in the regular color book, I could type in 18-1 and get 18-1 not some obscure number.


      I have seen a few similar posts without proper answers EVEN IF it said it was answered.


      I have pantone+ libraries installed. They just don't work when it comes to typing in the number you want...you have to scroll, and the scroll is way too slow or way too fast and very painful to use.


      Please help!


      Thank you!