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    flash air iOS performance issue


      Hello! everyone. I am a new flash AIR for iOS developer.


      I have a serious question:

      if i have a series of indvidual images which will be added to the stage dynamically and move upward continously, and they are reusable.

      When the image of displayobject is pressed, the image will changed.


      In this situation, which methods is better preformance:

      case 1: loader + cacheAsBitmap

      case 2: combine all image into one and display it by mask

      case 3: create a movieclip with one image per frame


      and sprite is good for this situation? how about starling?


      Actually, i have tried case1 and case2 without sprite. But the performance seems not well, the movement of image (balloon) has a little bit lag.


      Thank you very much