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    Does Captivate work with Tin Can API? Yes it does!

    garemoko Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I don't know if you've been following the progress of Project Tin Can and the Tin Can API, but if not you can find out more here:



      You may be thinking - that's great but Captivate doesn't publish for Tin Can.


      Well, I'm here to tell you about a litle project that aims to allow you to take Captivate swfs and drop them into a Tin Can package that will communicate with the LRS. I've so far developed a proof of concept - a Captivate swf that reports to a TIn Can LRS and also successfully bookmarks. Its far from being a finished product and there's a lot of stuff like hard coded variables and missing functionality, but the basics are there.


      You can download the proof of concept here: http://tin-can-can.googlecode.com/files/poc.zip


      The project is called Tin-can-Can and is hosted at http://tin-can-can.googlecode.com


      I need your help to get it finished and make it awesome - whatever your skillset.


      It would be great ot have help with developing the javascript, but if you can't do Javascript I'd love you to get invovled too.


      I also need people who can test the wrapper, help to build the documentation wiki, design a logo, manage the code responsitory, publicise the project, give and collect feedback from users, make/organise/implement suggestions etc. etc.


      If you'd like to be involved, visit the project site for my email address and send me a mail explaining what you can and would like to do.


      Feel free to shoot me any questions about the project. Send any questions about Tin Can API generically to the guys at http://scorm.com/tincan/