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    Multiple dynamic tables in a form

    gretchenhs42 Level 1

      I've been reading the forums a lot lately, trying to teach myself A LCD 8.

      I found where I can add a row dynamically in a table by using




      and it's working well.  I would like to have several of these type of tables on my form and I can't seem to get the others to work.  I'm working on a 7 page form for an insurance application, so it's a bit tedious for a beginner!


      I tried using Table5._Row1.addinstance(true);

      I also tried using form1.SecondPage.Table5._Row1.addinstance(true);

      and neither are working.


      Can someone point me in the right direction please?


      I'd also like to put tabs, or buttons at the top of the form to push and go to another page in the form instead of having to scroll.  Is this something easy to do?


      One more thing, is there a way to have the top part of a form static, and then just switch the bottom part to the different forms?  I was able to do this in Dreamweaver using divisions, but haven't quite figured that out yet in LiveCycle.


      Thanks so much for any answers, I really appreciate the help.