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    Anchoring objects to text in InDesign CS5.0



      I'm trying to convert a heavily styled book with lots of photos and charts to Kindle. When I export to Kindle, it's a mess. Is it possible to anchor objects to text in CS5? I know CS5.5 can do it, but I'm having a hard time figuring it out in CS5.


      Any helpful hints for making this conversion as easy as possible ... and without knowing any HTML would be greatly appreciated.



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I highly recommend Elizabeth Castro's ebook to learn the basics of creating EPUB files—"EPUB Straight to the Point"


          Formatting ebooks - EPUB Straight to the Point


          Here is how she suggests you do it in InDesign CS5:


          1. Place the cursor in the flow of your book where you want to illustration to go (at the beginning of a paragraph).
          2. Press Return to create a separate paragraph for the illustration
          3. Apply an Illustration paragraph style. She suggests setting autoleading so the paragraph expands to the height of the illustration.
          4. Choose File > Place to place the illustration in that paragraph.
          5. If you need a caption, press return to create a new paragraph and apply the Caption style.