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    Fillable form calculations.


      I am having some trouble and am new at this. I have a fillable document that I have completed minus (which I guess is the hardest part) the correct formula. I have made an audit for my company months ago using excel and have been doing it via paper for sometime, well about a year. I am not sure what to do about getting this formula right.


      Here is what is going on

      I have boxes that get an x marked if passing to be a value of 1. lets say there are 20 different boxes per section that can be marked, each with a value of 1.

      Within each section I would like to give a score that would refect

      a.) The sum  

      b.) The avg in percent

      which both of these I have boxes ( seperate) in each section of the audit that are designated to this alone.

      in the calculations section I have the formulas set up to the sum fillable boxes that are checked

      More or less Im pretty sure that I need to give a value to x but I am not sure how to do this.