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    error #16820


      when downloding update i get this error massege # 16820

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          dave_m_k Adobe Employee

          Good day,


          Are you by chance trying to update the Acrobat.com Desktop Application?  It's an Adobe AIR app we released a few years back.


          If so, we recommend that you actually uninstall that application and access Acrobat.com by logging in here: http://acrobat.com/signin.html

          We no longer support the Acrobat.com Desktop Application.


          Please let me know if you have any questions.


          Kind regards,


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            I get this error, and it's while I'm updating Tweetdeck. The failure is in the Adobe Air install, I do not have Acrobat.


            A search through the Internet shows hundreds of people having this issue with all kinds of software using Air.


            Is there a solution (other than my never updating Air again)?

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              dave_m_k Adobe Employee

              If you're getting this error w/ Tweetdeck, it likely means that the update Tweetdeck is trying to install is incompatible with the AIR runtime you have installed.  I'd suggest uninstalling Adobe AIR, then reinstalling from here: http://get.adobe.com/air/  Once you've reinstalled AIR, try launching Tweetdeck again to update. 


              I've got the latest version of Tweetdeck running w/ the latest version of AIR on both my Mac (10.6.8) and Windows (Win7) machines without issue.


              Hope this helps!


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                kgbarrett Level 1

                Thank you. Downloading it and installing it directly from that URL eliminated the current issue. :-)

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                  I followed your instructions to uninstall and reinstall Adobe AIR from the link you provided. I still get the same response when trying to update Adobe Acrobat. Error #16820. I am running Windows XP. Thanks.