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    Chrome CQ5 Redirect Loop

    giang.phan Level 1

      If I access a remote CQ5 instance in Chrome with a fresh wipe of all my cookies say at:


      There is a client side JavaScript redirect to the login page at:


      However, sometimes after a certain amount of time (probably cookie timeout), if I go back to:


      The page will redirect me to with a resource parameter that is equal to the window.location.hash. This can be seen in Chrome using the developer tools:


      var u="/libs/cq/core/content/login.html?resource=%2F"; 
      if ( window.location.hash) {u = u + window.location.hash;} 
                document.location = u;


      The problem is when the browser goes to that page, it will return an HTTP 302 redirect back to "/" which is:

      You can probably see the problem here and it gets stuck in a redirect loop which does not go away until I nuke my Chrome cookies.


      We are currently using CQ 5.4, and was wondering if this bug has been seen before? Thanks.