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    I thought MOV requires Quicktime !?

    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      While looking for a new camera http://forums.adobe.com/thread/976834 I found a place to download some MOV files created with a Canon SX40


      They played with Windows Media Player, which I expected


      What I did NOT expect, since I do NOT have Quicktime installed, is that they would open in PPro 5.0.3 on my Win7 computer


      I thought editing of MOV files requires Quicktime to be installed


      Anyone have any ideas whey these files will open in PPro without having Quicktime installed?


      PS - I know QT is not installed... I built the computer, and I installed the software

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          SteveHoeg Adobe Employee

          Premiere Pro can handle many mov files natively without Quicktime.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Thanks... I did not know that (if anyone else has ever said that, I missed the discussion)


            That lets me know that if I do buy the Canon SX40 I won't need to install Quicktime

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              Level 4

              dont forget, John, mov is the wrapper...like avi..can have many codecs in it...so thats what determines to some extent if you need quicktime ( and the codecs that get installed with quicktime )...


              im glad its working for you without QT..but to be honest, my pc and quicktime pro never had any probs..especially with the other programs i have to convert etc as needed to deal with that gamma issue etc...

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Back when I was using Premiere 6 on WinXP I also had Quicktime installed, and never had any problems


                But... with CS5... I have read that QT is still 32bit, so performance suffers


                According to Canon, the SX40 uses... Videos: MOV (Image data: H.264 data: Linear PCM (stereo))


                So, that H.264 in a MOV wrapper does edit in CS5 without QT


                As I said in my "searching for" thread, wife's yard project used my $$ and closed my window of opportunity... maybe at the end of the year, when places have holiday season sales

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                  geez... i understand totally...re: budgets and $$ available etc...  believe me truly..


                  i dont even have ANYTHING that shoots ANY sort of video !  NADA !


                  am moving to MN soon..couple weeks...  some guy out there that another guy knows ( friend from iatse ny who moved to MN a while back ) has an alexa... so when i get out there im gonna look into that and maybe I can rent it as needed....


                  thats the only way i will ever deal with digital stuff as far as I can see..


                  some church out there is using an SD camera to shoot sermons and i've been asked to sorta maybe help out with that stuff..but then again, that camera comes from the tv station that does the broadcast via 'public access' channel..and they dont have HD cameras with full chips etc..nothing fancy going on... and the SD camera isnt broadcast quality high end like the old tv cameras on pedestals (sp? ) or at football games etc


                  in short, i got nothin, and wont get nothin anytime soon...so you are way ahead of me John