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    Pandigital Planet 7" tablet eReader 2011


      Adobe Digital Editions does not recognize my Pandigital Planet 7" tablet eReader 2011 even though it is listed as a supported device.  I'm trying to transfer books I downloaded to my computer to my eReader and do not know how to do it since ADE does not recognize my unit.  Any help would be appreciated.

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          I don't think you're dumb, but you didn't say what process you followed, so

          let me start there.  I'm assuming you've registered with Adobe and obtained

          an Adobe ID.


          First, you need to register your Pandigital ereader with their website.

          Use your Adobe ID when you do that, because it makes things so much easier

          later on.


          Next, I'll assume that you have a Windows computer running XP.  I'll come

          back to a Windows computer with Win 7,


          The steps start with your computer 'at rest', waiting for you to do



          Plug in your ereader into the USB port.  The computer should come back the

          first time and tell you that it's found new hardware, go through a couple

          more messages about that hardware and then tell you the hardware's ready to

          use.  If it's not the first time, you might - or might not - see a message

          that tells you your hardware is attached.  Once this is done, you should

          verify that the ereader has been assigned a drive letter.  I use Windows

          Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) to do that.  You should see 'Pandigital'

          as a drive with a drive letter under 'My Computer'.


          Once the computer's recognized your Pandigital, open ADE.  As it goes

          through start-up, ADE will look for an attached ereader.  If it finds your

          Pandigital, it will display an entry in its bookshelf (left hand side of

          the Library View).  When it does, then you can drag and drop titles from

          your library to the Pandigital, or if you click on the Pandigital, you'll

          see its contents, and you can go the other way.


          When you're done, you shut down ADE first.  Your Pandigital should display

          a message about updating its files.  When that message is done, you detach

          the Pandigital logically from your computer, and then unplug it.  You do

          this by 'Ejecting' the drive if you use Windows Explorer (right click on

          the drive and the submenu will have an 'Eject' choice).  Or, you can use

          the 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon on the START bar in the right hand

          corner.  It looks like a miniature computer.


          About Win 7....  Many of the same features are available, but in a

          different format.  Also, Win 7 security has to be set so that it will

          recognize plug-ins like your Pandigital.  I don't know how to do that,

          unfortunately, but I would bet that Win 7 HELP will tell you how.


          Obviously, there are a couple of places in the process above and

          differences in operating systems that could cause your problem.  If you

          check all of them out, and still have a problem, then you can contact

          either Pandigital or Adobe - or both - and see what they suggest.


          Hope this helps!


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            Thank you so much for your help.  I'll get someone with a bit more computer savvy than me to help me go through this while I'm visiting family next week. 


            As far as what I have already done, I have registered with Adobe and verified (I think that is the word) my computer.  I did not know that I needed to register my eReader with them and will try to figure how to do that first. 


            I'm using Windows 7 on my home computer and it recognized the eReader when I plugged it in, just as you detailed above.

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              I am finally getting a chance to try to get my Pandigital ereader registered on the Adobe website.  However, after much searching, I cannot find where I do this?  Can anyone help?

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                You don't register your ereaders on the Adobe website.  You register them

                with their manufacturers.  When you do that, the manufacturer will write a

                small ID file to the device.  ADE queries this ID file to determine whether

                your device is registered.



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                  I finally figured out how to sync my ereader with ADE on my computer and thought I had downloaded my library onto the ereader.  But, now, I realize that the biggest problem I have is that my ereader must have had a meltdown as I do not have an ereader app on it!!!  I have searched online and found several "how-to's"...including on the-ebook-reader.com website, but when I try to download any apps...nothing happens.  Is this a case where I need to call Pandigital and see if they can walk me through it?  I'm just about to throw this thing in the trash...but the stubborn side of me wants to make it work as I really want an ereader for travel.  Any help/advice/guidance would be appreciated.  I am NOT very computer savvy and am really struggling here.  Thank you!