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    File Permissions Error


      I'm having problems importing wmv files into Media Encoder 5.5.


      The error i get is "The file Z:\file\path\file.wmv could not be imported. Could not open sourcefile. Please check that file exists with correct permissions". The file plays in windows media player and vlc. This happens on all computers even my personal computer which is not on a domain. I have checked the permissions for that file and I have full control over the file. I even set my user as the owner of the file. My permissions level is domain administrator so there should not be any problems with modifying the file. I also installed Media Encoder 5.5 on a computer that was not apart of the domain and tried to import the file on that system. I had the same error. I am running Windows 7. This is the third file I have created with After Effects that has had this problem. Also Premiere Pro is unable to import wmv files. Please help me! I don't know what esle to do!