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    Help, Can't download recent update to Flash plugin


      I use Firefox on WindowsXp, and I cannot install the latest Flash plugin update. When it runs there is a script error when it is 50% intalled. Then there is


      another script error when installation is complete and it has moved on to the next window. So I uninstalled Flash and tried to install it again, first by going


      through Firefox help plugins, again that did not work, same error occured. Then I tried through Youtube by clicking on the plugin needed link, first the user


      agreement page did not appear, clicked try again, several times, could not get Adobe site to respond. Agreed anyway, downloaded Flash and the installation


      failed. So clicked the manual install button, tried that again, same script errors occured. Now I am without Flash, and I cannot get it back. I have tried all the


      other fixes, my antivirus firewall is Norton360, which identifies the Flash download as safe, so I don't think it would help for me to turn off Norton.


      Please, someone, help.

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Please check out the following troubleshooting guide:



          If you're still stuck, please reply back to this thread.

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            I might be able to help you with this, uninstall all adobe content, manually remove the folders left behind, i found that adobe reader stopped me from installing a while back, but wasnt this release, it was months ago, anyway,all the adobe and macromedia folders, navigate to them and delete the left overs after uninstall, go into registry and delete adobe and macromedia form user software and local software, you cant do any damage but still be carefull,if you delete the wrong entries you will have to reinstall what ever you deleted also, you need to check just about everywhere for the folders lol,there in system, local user, roaming user,program files , program data, just check.Also if your downloaded programfiles folder is broke in system then you can probably remove the adobe content from there aswell, i had to import a copy of the folder from xp to get the proper folder but can still break in xp(if folders working, you can update,remove on xp only).Oh, you could look for a folder called NOS (getplus)while deleting these entries, that could stop you also, its the old downloader for adobe. Bare in mind im using windows 7,should still be the same though.Check firefox extensions and plugins folder, you can do a reset for ie.After you cleaned out your system install flash first then the rest of adobe content(this doesnt matter,but still).Please come back, i would love to know if it worked for you.

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              IdenVan Level 1

              None of those fixes have helped. I am getting these error messages:


              An error has occured in the script on this page



              Error:'ActionActionList' is undefined







              Error'globalActiveActionLists' is undefined














              Error: 'ACtionActionList' is undefined



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                jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee



                Sorry for the confusion.


                I talked with some folks on the Installer team, and it sounds like the issue you're running into is with downloading Flash Player 11.2 directly from Adobe.com using the Adobe Install Helper -- NOT with downloading Flash Player 11.3 from labs.adobe.com using the provided direct download links.


                The installer engineers monitor Adobe Forums > Flash Player > Installing Flash Player, which is the best place to get an expert analysis of installation issues on release Flash Player versions.  We'll try to get a forum administrator to move this thread over there.


                Here's the link:



                The ActionList error you're seeing comes from Adobe Install Helper.  AIH is different from the basic installer that you would get  for the Flash Player 11.3 Beta on labs.adobe.com.


                We know that there is a compatibility problem between current Firefox versions and the Adobe Install Helper related to a stale file and the Firefox Plugin Finder Service.


                The recommended workaround is to use the direct download links, which are posted here:

                http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player-windows.html#Ins tall_in_a_firewall_proxy_server_environment


                Look for the links under the heading "Install in a firewall proxy server environment".


                Best regards,

                Jeromie Clark