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    missing images on import


      In lightroom 4 when I import images it does not show all the images in the folder.  I have deleted the folder from lightroom and attempted to reload it.  When I did it had the same problem it did not show about half or the images in the folder.  I went back to the folder and check all the images and could not find anything wrong with the images.  Any help would be appreciated.*

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What type of images are not shown, RAW, JPG or ...?

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            hotstarman Level 1

            Tiff, jpeg,psd.  Folder has about 50 images but the program will only show 37 when importing.  It does not appear to be file preferenced.

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              F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Do all of your files conform to the following specs?



              Color space might be an issue as well as compatibility settings for PSD.

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                hotstarman Level 1

                Yes but here is a new wrinkle.  I copied and image both the same except one is jpeg the other is tif.  I copied both to my desktop.  The originals are in the folder i was referring to.  One of the images show up in that folder the other does not in lightroom.

                Now neither shows up in lightroom from the desktop where the copies are placed?????? The file are not shortcuts they are full versions.

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                  Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

                  I'm not sure I understand your last post. It sounds as though you are trying to reimport an image after copying it to the desktop. No, it likely won't show up if it already exists in the catalog in a different folder, if you have "New Photos" checked in the import screen.


                  Re your main issue.....is it possible that the files that Lightroom doesn't see are jpegs from 'pairs' of developed images, i.e. a raw and a jpeg having the same filename (but different extension, obviously)? If so, go check your Preferences (General Tab) and see if "Treat JPEG files next to raw files as separate photos" is unchecked.....if it is it means that LR sees such pairs as, well, pairs and so doesn't import the jpeg (it merely notes it as a sidecar file to the prime copy). If all of that is true, you could check that option and then synchronise the folder (choose the option to show the import dialog) and you should see the missing files now listed and available for import.

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                    hotstarman Level 1

                    Ok here it is.  I have several files that do not show up in lightroom 4.  some are psd, jpeg, tiff.  In the original folder only one showed up of the pair. I took sample images and made copies to my desktop. They were a  jpeg and a tiff of the same image.  In the original folder only the tiff shows up.  On the destop neither show up. I have removed the entire folder from lightroom and re loaded it.  Where I had about 45 image I now have 37.



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                      Cornelia-I Level 4

                      Hi Torrey,

                      To me this sounds still a bit confused.

                      Have you made up your mind what you want from LR to manage?


                      My principle is: LR will manage (i.e. know in its catalog) only the original file, in my case a raw converted to DNG.

                      Any derivative from it I export from LR, but do not find the need to have it managed as well, since I can re-issue it any time. I usually trash it after use, except PSD.


                      If you think different, you can choose in the export manager if the export result should be added to your catalog (a tick to set).

                      Then LR will keep track of all of them, wherever your export destination was.


                      If the derivatives are not of LR's issue, and you still want to have them inside your catalog, your need to import them.

                      Your general catalog settings need to allow for that, i.e. LR needs to consider them different files, so tick "treat raw and jpg as separate files".


                      Do you still have problems or does you last post indicate you solved it for you?


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                        hotstarman Level 1

                        Up until recently when i changed to lr4 it was never a problem.  The folder I speek of is a working folder. I keep all my smug mug and fine art images in this folder.  I keep the original tif or psd and a matching jpeg which i use for both websites.  I have a seperate folder for anything I publish on facebook or social webs.  These images are framed and watermarked.

                        Lightroom will let me export through and app to facebook, smugmug.  All i hav e to do is drag and drop.  The problem is if my jpeg does not show up I can't transfer it.

                        I use lightroom to catalog all my images I started fresh and left my lr3 cat be not transfering. My objective with lr4 is to publish my portfolio for the year.That feature was offered in lr4 not in lr3.  Up until the change I had no problem with dual image in folder with different ext.  I don't know how to do it but I would like to have someone else try the images in their lr4 and see if the get the same results.  It may be that there was a glitch in my set up when I reinstalled lr4 from disk.  As far as I can tell my download version worked fine and this was not a problem.

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                          Cornelia-I Level 4

                          You could use dropbox or yousendit or such to post your images in question there.

                          Then publish the link to it here.

                          I will download them and see if they import into my catalog, to eliminate if the problem lies within the special files.