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    Matting issue with hair and feathering blackened edge


      I couldn't find this info elsewhere in the forum. I'm relatively new to keying in After Effects and I've been tasked with changing an actor's shirt color. Initially I tried simply to matte it and use change to color and other effects, but since the shirt is whitish there was no color to grab and all I got was a very slight change in the hue of the shadow from white to very pale pink but still appearing white overall. I need to change the color to a darker bronze color to match her outfit in the preceding and following frames. The actor is in a car where I need to change the color.


      What I've done so far is go into Mocha and made a matte out the the two halves of the blouse and use the tricolor effect in AE and then dropped the opacity slightly to make it look less like a cartoon and added the slightest bit of noise to give it a little more texture.


      Problem 1 (The biggest one) - I feathered the edge slightly so it doesn't look like it was cut sharply with scissors, but while it helped with the edge it created wide a black line along the edge that I cannot seem to eliminate which makes it more obvious it is a replacement. It makes it look sort of like I drew a black outline of the area I matted and forgot to erase it. Sort of like when you see a watercolor painting that is done over a pencil or pen drawing.


      Problem 2 - I have color issues with the shirt since it was white and now is a bronze color, on the side that is getting hot light through the window I need to graduate it so the light looks more natural. I was thinking I could take care of this by making another under that masks the areas I want darker and make the composition layer slightly translucent so it can be seen.


      Problem 3 - Midway through the sequence, the actor turns her head swinging her through the mask and back. Is there a way to key out a white gradient so that I can place her hair swing on a the top layer, just the hair? I haven't had much success with this again because of the white gradient cloth layer rom the original clip.