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    Photoshop won't open or create new documents, works breifly after full windows restart.


      Hi everyone,

      I am having an issues with photoshop becoming unresponsive. After about 10 minutes Photoshop will not open or create a document.

      I've spent hours trying to fix this with no results. I've spent time on Nvidia's forums and tried downgrading the driver back to 275.33 with the same results. I've disabled opengl in photoshop with the same results. This error occurs on both CS5 and CS6 versions of photoshop. I've tried reinstalling photoshop (not removing and reinstalling, just reinstalling).

      I can't tell if it's a photoshop issue or a Nvidia issue. I've read countless threads on this forum and can't find any help. Please help.



      I've made this video to show you the issues. Thank you for your help

      Video of issue - http://screencast.com/t/kG1YgmQ7 


      Windows 7 x64

      Nvidia GTX 275 v296.10

      12gb DD3 Ram

      Adobe Photoshop CS5/CS6

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