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    Process for Quality Check (QC) of a SWF


      I work with a Media firm. I use the technology of Adobe CS3|CS4|CS5.


      I perform quality check (QC) of the SWF. This QC involves the following process:

      1. Dimension of the creative.
      2. Check for a solid background.
      3. Check the replay button or close button, whichever is applicable
      4. Location of these buttons.
      5. AS Codes like, clickTag, replay, close, MediaMind (EyeBlaster codes), etc.
      6. SWF weight in terms of Kilobyte.

      Currently, I open the .FLA file and check the same.



      What I want to know here is, whether there is any software or technology or script by which I can get to you the above mentioned point are fulfilled in the SWF file sent to me? This will help in getting things done at a rapid speed and simplify things too.

      Need your help guy!!!

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          What you're talking about is very subjective. Code would have no idea if just because it senses some library item with the name "replayButton" that it would be used tastefully, in the correct spots, in all spots needed, etc, just for example.


          All of what you want to check is subjective. Another example is a 30KB SWF is great but who says it does what you want? A 3000KB SWF may raise an alarm but it may come with a preloader and be an excessively heavy impressive media interface. It's subject to the content.


          Nothing replaces a good checklist and a human being in this regard.