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    After Effects link going bad.

    deimosphobos Level 2

      Hi. I have a Premiere Pro CS5.5 project. I has media from a Canon T3i and a Canon HF20. All HD.


      The project is about an hour and has up to 4 video layers at times. Since the T3i was hand held I wanted to stabilize that footage so I did the following.


      Right clicked on the clip in the timeline and selected Replace with After Effects Comp. This puts me in AE and I can add the warp stabilizer. Easy enough.

      Well I did this for 6 clips, tool forever to apply the stabilizer, but when all was said and done it looked great.



      So I started the render process and went to bed. Well this morning I noticed in the final render that all the T3i (AE stabilized clips) were missing.


      Then I noticed they were all linked to the same source clip. If I change that clip, then all the AE comps changed.


      They were fine last night.


      Any thoughts ?


      I am re-doing it now but it takes 2 hours at best.