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    Photoshop window does not display unless connected to external monitor


      I use a MBP connected it to an Apple Cinema Display used as an external monitor (not a dual display) when in my studio.


      When I use Adobe Photoshop CS 5 without the monitor the image window does not display on the MBP. If I plug the external monitor in, the window is displayed correctly on the MBP. Photoshop is opening and "displaying" the image window offscreen. Nothing gets it back onscreen, except plugging in the external monitor.


      I often use Photoshop away from my studio so this is a big problem. PShop is essentially unusable unless connected to an external monitor.


      Is this a known issue?


      Any workarounds?


      Any ideas?


      There is a previous discussion on this topic from January 2012, but it remains open and unanswered. Hoping there are some new ideas. Thanks for the help.