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    Dropdown Style Design Mode Preview

    Karl Cartwright


      After creating a Drop Down Hotspot style to incorporate "twisties", the applied style does not show in Design Mode.  It works as expected when previewed and published, but it would be nice to be able to tell that something is there when editing the topic.


      There appears to be 3 ways to tell that the style was applied when viewing in Design Mode.

      1. Cursor changes when hovered over the text (2 dots)
      2. Text shows with shading behind it (This is not always the case, and I cant tell what I did to make it show or not)
      3. Can use View>Show>Tag List


      Although these are "OK", its not a definite visual that can be identified easily.  My preference, if I could have one, is for Design mode to show the Arrow graphic I used in the Style.


      Any guidance with my concern would be greatly appreciated.