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    Trying again


      Hi, we have had an old site copied into a BC one by its original developer. We would like to update it quite a bit and BC certainly looks to have the capability. I have some Dreamweaver experience - although self taught I am afraid. I was hoping to have a go at recreating a new one from scratch in the background on BC with a completely new structure (same products) and then replace the old one once I am confident it works ok. Can you advise what would be the best way to do it? Thanks

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          Brian-BCGurus.com Level 1

          I think your best bet would be to creat a new site on BC, recreate your catelog structure. Then import your products/customer database. Build the site like it is a new site, and when your done setup the domain on the new one, and disable the old site.


          You can also setup 301 redirects to ensure people who visit your old links are redirected to the correct pages.  

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            Legacys7 Level 1

            Brian said it best. It's a bit harder working around existing content that's not part of B.C. equation. It can be done, but it'll depend on how much content the client has and if there is coding done before B.C. Perhaps you can convince the client to use his existing website and use the design vs. the existing content. Example, take one of the pages with less content on it, erase what's on that page and make a template from it.