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    How to access the currentPage and currentNode Objects in a Sling Servlet


      I have a requirement to write a Sling Servlet instead of regular CQ5 JSP


      In a standard CQ5 JSP it's easy to use the currentPage and currentNode objects, as they are automatically added by the default includes


      <%@include file="/libs/foundation/global.jsp"%>



      Title: <%= currentPage.getTitle() %><br />

      Name: <%= currentPage.getName() %><br />

      Path: <%= currentPage.getPath() %><br />

      Depth: <%= currentPage.getDepth() %><br />


      Title: <%= currentNode.getProperty("jcr:title").getString() %><br />

      Name: <%= currentNode.getName() %><br />

      Path: <%= currentNode.getPath() %><br />

      Depth: <%= currentNode.getDepth() %><br />   



      I would like to know how to do this in a sling servlet, and be able to use the currentNode and currentPage objects.


      Does anyone have any code samples they would like to share??